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Tax Planning

Holly Wealth Protection Ltd

The primary objective for most of our clients is to mitigate tax. “The hallmark of tax mitigation is that the taxpayer takes advantage of a fiscally attractive option afforded to him by the tax legislation” as defined by the House of Lords.

Changes in case law, legislation, and the attitude of HMRC in recent years, have severely constricted tax mitigation in the UK. However, significant opportunities still remain for efficient tax structuring for the affluent client, who wishes to maximise the planning opportunities that are available for their benefit and that of their families.

UK legislation provides a number of statutory reliefs which allow assets to be passed, free of tax, from UK individuals into offshore trust arrangements. A simple, low-cost route has been created to take full advantage of the reliefs available.

  • Shield yourself against harassment, lawsuits and divorce settlements.
  • Limit personal liability.
  • Minimise political and economic risk.
  • Protect your wealth from punitive rates of tax.
  • Preserve your wealth for family and future generations.
  • Enhance your financial privacy.
  • Provide anonymous, simple, tax efficient means of transferring ownership of almost any asset.
  • Enhance the prospect of growing your wealth


A UK resident individual owns a Portfolio of investments. These are usually properties but may be anything of a capital nature. The properties may be mortgaged. The incidence of capital gains and income taxes is a significant problem in the commercial management and growth of the Portfolio. The Portfolio also carries the burden of inheritance tax on the death of the owner(s).

Using legal strategies successfully implemented for over a decade now, the Portfolio can be moved under statutory protection into a tax free trust based environment, usually Jersey which has a well established pedigree in such matters and which operates under a robust regulatory structure.

  • The portfolio investments can be sold free of CGT
  • Tax Efficient Rental strategies are available
  • The Portfolio investments and their sale proceeds fall outside IHT
  • Individual properties can be sold free of stamp duty
  • Individual properties can be sold free of VAT


These benefits are provided through the implementation of a highly technical Product by collaborating expert taxation, legal and fiduciary professionals. Comprehensive written professional advice, together with specialist consultation and client support – both during and after the transactions – are included in the fixed fee.

  • Uses statutory reliefs
  • Involves no ‘tax avoidance’
  • Full disclosure to HMRC
  • Known of and accepted by HMRC since 1994
  • Never challenged by HMRC in Court
  • We work with your existing professional advisors
  • We will recommend independent professional trustees
  • Fees fully insured up to £2.5m per case per year



  • Tax-free growth of assets
  • Freedom of investment
  • Reinvestment can be made tax-free
  • The investments can be sold free of Capital Gains Tax
  • The asset sale proceeds fall outside Inheritance Tax
  • Protection of assets from litigation, creditors and divorce
  • Tax-free access to trust wealth
  • Funds can stay in the UK, and grow tax-free
  • Complete control of your assets in the UK
  • Interest and investment growth would be tax-free
  • Trust wealth available, tax-free, to beneficiaries upon death
  • Rents earned would be tax-free