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Investment bonds

More and more of our investors are searching for the security of an investment bond, a fully regulated product with low to medium entry levels. Not having to worry about the vagaries of the exchange rate fluctuations, property taxes and rental income means a more secure return for the investor.. With pension rules changing imminently in the UK many people will be faced with major life decisions concerning their future financial stability investing wisely with no major claw back of fees by providers is certainly one way forwards.
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US Property Bonds 12/24 month terms

The Exit Strategy

The purpose of the fund is for the purchase, refurbishment and resale of US
housing, the bond has been running since 2012 and has seen since its launch $150m USD of
committed funds; some further highlights:

  • 12 month investment bond; 15 % Return plus capital at the end of the term
  • Entry level in multiples of £15,000
  • $82m USD returned to investors to date
  • UK clients must undertake suitability report with an IFA
  • Funds held with an FCA regulated trustee, which holds assets under UK law providing extra

The Income Strategy

The purpose of the funds is for the purchase of tenanted properties which will
be refurbished if required and sold, a process which will be repeated over the term of the
investment. Some further highlights:

  • 24 month investment term; 22% total return paid quarterly at 2.75%
  • Entry level a minimum of £20,000, and subsequent multiples of
  • Investment received and held by FCA regulated body
  • UK Clients must undertake a suitability report with an approved IFA
  • Contractual entitlement to ensure receipt of any due returns plus capital at the end of the

Lakeview Country Club located in Cornwall is an existing country club which is trading
profitably, the purpose of the funds raised is the for the refurbishment of existing villas as well as the
building of an additional number. The fund will also build a new apart-hotel at the club. Since the
launch in November 2013 over £2.8m has been raised. Some further highlights:

  • 5 year term; 11% return, first interest payment due at the end of 12 months, with
subsequent returns paid quarterly moving forward
  • Entry level a minimum of £10,000
  • English law debenture over the assets held by borrowing company, as well as a share charge
over the shares.
  • Bondholders have benefit of debenture over assets of borrowing company
  • UK clients must undertake suitability report with an approved IFA
  • SIPP suitable investment

The funds raised for this bond will be used to fire up and run up to 9 biomass plants located
throughout Italy through the purchasing of feedstock, contracted by a subsidiary. The supply and
price of the feedstock has been locked in for 10 years from April 2014, the plants will generate
income through the operation and sale of the heat and power to a number of clients. Some further
Income will be raised through selling heat & power to FTSE 100 companies such as IKEA, plus
GSE a subsidiary of ENEL, Italy’s largest power company, which has been sold on a long term
fixed price contract and is 100% backed by the Italian State.

  • 3 year term; 12.5% return per annum, paid quarterly in arrears, save for the first interest
payment which will be paid at 6 months from the date of the bond issue
  • Entry level £10,000.
  • Bondholders will have the benefit of a debenture over the assets of the borrowing company.
  • Launched in June 2014 over £700,000 has been raised with first interest payments due