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Elite Holdings (Europe) Ltd

Elite Holdings (Europe) Ltd is a lead generation and marketing company for the financial services industry.  We do not offer regulated finance advice as all enquiries are passed onto IFA’s and regulated product providers.

The basis of the initial  review is to collate the  information to pass onto these IFA’s and product providers and to inform people of the types of products available which are bespoke to the scheme providers that we have access to.

Mission Statement

The aim of the Elite Holdings Group is to provide a stable investment platform across a wide range of different products for its global client base, establishing tried and tested means to generate income from diversified property and financially based investments.
By using the expertise of the widely diverse network group to undertake the due diligence required to ensure complete transparency and safety of any investment made we continue to offer the very best solutions to investors.
By ensuring that the global portfolio includes the latest and best opportunities for clients to make informed investment decisions wherever they may be based we can guarantee a level of satisfaction to be proud of.